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The Political Economy of Government, Business and Public Responses

to Climate Change


Thomas L. Brewer

Cambridge University Press, 2014

The book is available at

This web site includes updates and other materials that can facilitate greater in-depth examination of key topics. The web site and the book have been written entirely in my capacity as an independent scholar; they do not reflect in any way the work of organizations with which I have been affiliated. I appreciate very much a research grant from the Schoeller Foundation, which facilitated my research without imposing any restrictions on it.

Copyright © 2014 Thomas L. Brewer


Introduction, chronology
Chapter 1, Context - Science
Chapter 2, Business
Chapter 3, Public
Chapter 4, State and local governments and courts
Chapter 5, Regulating GHGs
Chapter 6, Energy technologies
Chapter 7, International Cooperation
Chapter 8, Future
Brewer short publication list
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